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Invite storytellers into your world

Attract more customers by rewarding NFTs to Stories that increase your product sales.

Display Stories everywhere

Collections of Stories mixed from TikTok, Insta & Snapchat right next to your products in your website, blog or app.
Keep Customers on your own website. Easy integration. No-code required.

Incentivise visitor contributions

Attract visitor Stories

Advertise your incentives and manage visitor submissions via an easy interface. Incentives can be Currency, NFTs or Tokens representing discounts. Behind the scenes your incentives are published using smart contracts on Ethereum & Polygon.

Increase visitor dwell time

Stories as guides

Increase how long visitors spend inside your virtual property. Visitors will keep clicking Stories! Use the opportunity to assist and add context.

Link products to stories

No code setup

Link to Products featured in Stories directly to your catalogue.

Inviting storytellers into:

Why Storyboard?

400+ Stories told
50k+ integrations visited
Create unlimited Storyboards
No code
No credit card is required
Cancel anytime
Stack of Stories with Playbuttons Stack of Stories with Playbuttons

Ask visitors for their Stories!

Content production can be expensive with no guaranteed return, so why not ask visitors to create content? Optionally, attract videos by allowing public submissions and offering an incentive. Set a budget, only pay for accepted results with a discount, voucher or crypto.

Dialog Bubble, green tick, red cross Dialog Bubble, green tick, red cross

You curate submissions

Anyone can suggest a 'story' for a collection, but only you can choose what is displayed.

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More value from social media

Social content is short-lived, so Storyboard provides multiple ways to display Stories indefinitely, improving digital media's long-term appeal and return. "Storied' content provides Ă—4 higher engagement than a static webpage.

Share your stories, join the conversation and earn rewards

Claim rewards with Stories

Using Storyboard, Stories become NFTs and you become the owner. Claiming a reward, grants a business usage rights. Earn Ξ0.1 telling us how you'll use Storyboard!

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